What is a Commercial EPC?

A commercial Energy Performance Certificate is a document intended to give an estimate of the energy usage and CO2 emissions of a building and is based upon an asset rating system. The certificate calculates the energy efficiency of the building asset. The Commercial EPC is information for the prospective purchaser or tenants and can be used to compare one building against another of similar type. An EPC is valid for 10 years.

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When do I need a Commercial EPC?

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates are required for the sale of a property, the granting of a new lease or assignment of an existing lease. This also includes:

  • Sales by liquidators/receivers
  • Inter-company transfers
  • Sales and leasebacks

The EPC has to be made available at the earliest opportunity and no later than the earliest of:

  • When the property particulars have been prepared or when any written information has been provided in response to a request for information from a serious buyer or tenant
  • When a viewing is undertaken
  • Before entering into a contract to sell, let or assign
Commercial EPC - schematic

Which buildings do not require an EPC?

An EPC is NOT required in the following instances:

The following properties are exempt from Commercial EPCs:

  • Free-standing (completely detached) units under 50sqm
  • Temporary buildings
  • Places of worship
  • Where a building is due to be demolished by a prospective buyer
  • Industrial sites, workshops, non-residential agricultural buildings (where not air conditioned or fully heated/cooled)

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